VERVET Denim: A Fashion Brand with a Conscience

Vervet Denim will make you feel glamorous! And isn’t feeling glamorous yet pragmatic the new FAVORITE of fashion enthusiasts. (Okay, it’s NOT that new, but it has started getting hyped-up lately.)

Yes, wearing a dress for one time and then burying it inside the huge pile of clothes you already had, sounds cool.

Think again: Wearing an outfit once and then ditching it forever? Isn’t that a shallow approach?

Vervet Denim Jeans

Of course, it is!

You might love all your clothes but don’t want to spoil your Instagram’s OOTDs with the repetition of the same apparel. Right? But, folks, the impact of this fast fashion is horrible for our beloved planet.

The only way out to stay beautiful and show love to our Earth is by adopting a fashion-conscious approach.

Sustainable or ethical fashion is no longer that bland like it used to be but they are way more stylish than the so-called fast fashion outfits. Plus, they are pocket friendly. The love of the planet and passion for fashion were the motivation behind VERVET Denim – a fashion brand with a conscience.

Let’s see how VERVET Denim is making a difference with its environment-friendly outfits. 

VERVET Denim Spreading Love and Joy

VERVET Denim is sister brand of everyone's favorite Flying Monkey brand where we aim nothing but to celebrate the individuality of everyone’s body.

Besides focusing on goodness and avoiding harm, VERVET Denim aims to foster companionship with your clothing. An intimacy for GOOD times and BAD times! Plus, we believe looking fashionable and being gentle to our planet doesn’t have to cost you tons of money. Therefore, our denim products are light on your pocket and the environment.

Oh, and how can we forget the delight you'll feel when our pieces of denim would gently hug your body and make you feel positively beautiful? The happy feeling might not last long, but our outfits will.

That’s all we are focused on currently. Of course, you’ll witness more change in the future.

So, why choose VERVET Denim as your go-to brand?

We know life is too short to wear boring clothes. Therefore, we don't limit our clothing collection to those dull and unexciting outfits like it used to be in the initial days of ethical fashion. Let us give you some rock-solid reasons why you should choose VERVET Denim as your wardrobe partner.

  1. Go with VERVET Denim if you want to:
  2. Combine your love for fashion and the planet
  3. Find the outfit options that will suit your style
  4. Contribute to the positive changes that you want to see in the world around
  5. Create a healthy and beautiful wardrobe
  6. Help the environment and help the workers who make your garments

Fashion Freedom with Vervet Denim

Does fashion freedom with morality appeal to you as well? If so, there is good news!

You can head to your VERVET Denim every time you want to invest your money in apparel that’s chic, sassy, and won’t hurt your beloved planet. Guess what?  At VERVET Denim, we are already giving fashion wings to fly and make your outfits with body positivity in mind.

Let’s stay fashionable and join hands for becoming non-toxic to our Earth.

Buy less, choose it well, make it last. And remember, VERVET Denim would always be there to fill your wardrobe with joy (and morality)!

A-List Boutique Sells Vervet Denim

A-List Boutique is an award-winning boutique with a brick & mortar in the Midwest but sells Vervet Denim throughout the country. Be sure to connect with A-List on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram for more fashion forward ideas as well as personal styling from our design stylists. 



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