Pick the Perfect Jeans for Your Figure through Vervet Jeans Size Chart

My heart says chocolate and wine, but my jeans say, for the love of God, women, eat a salad! 

It's time to listen to your heart, women because Vervet offers jeans of all sizes! 

The Vervet jeans size chart includes the measurement for your size. It is characterized by height, waist, hip, and inseam. The chart helps women of all sizes and shapes to find the perfect fit. You just want to make sure that your hips and waist are in the same measurement range. 

The chart can be found on our website; it is available under "Size Guide" at the bottom left corner of their homepage. It has measurements ranging in different sizes with an inch increment, so there will always be something that fits you! 

The article will help you find the perfect pair of jeans because, with the right denim, you can conquer the world! 

Vervet Jean Sizing Chart

Denim Has Always Been a Symbol for Style!

Vervet Jeans is one of the most popular pants brands in the world. Whether you want jeans that are perfect for your body shape or color, our size chart can help you find the right pair. We have both; the regular and extended sizes to make you look sassy, sexy, and la mode!

●      Skinny Jeans

Want to have a girly and cool look? Embrace layers with Vervet's fitted jeans or denim leggings. The extra-long and loose tops, plain turtleneck, mock neck, light V-neck sweaters, tank tops go perfectly well with skinny jeans. This will ensure that all of your layers lay nicely without bunching up.

●      Casual or Ripped Jeans

Vervet's jeans are perfect for those who lead a casual lifestyle or those with an athletic build. They also come in two novelty washes, classic and destroyed. If you want to go with something more trendy, then opt for the latter, as it offers more freedom when it comes to accessorizing. 

●      Flared Jeans

Your wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of flared jeans. Go as classy as a 70's film star or as modern as 2021 Hollywood's rockstars. They are easy to match with any shoes and accessories.  

●      Mid-Rise Jeans

We have a great range of mid-rise jeans, which are perfect for those who don't like low or high-rise pants. It not only makes you look stunning but is easygoing with tops of any length. Mid-Rise Jeans are a wonderfully versatile clothing piece in your wardrobe.

●      Stretched Jeans

Looking for comfort, Vervet offers stretch jeans that allow freedom of movement without ruining your sassy looks. 

Want to Look Slim and Smart? Follow the Tips for Picking the Perfect Jeans Size

It is important to know your measurements before you begin looking for a pair of jeans because this will help you find a pair that flatters your body shape. 

  • Women with full hips, thighs, and butt? Go for a straight waistband.
  • Wear low-rise pants if you've smaller butts and hips.
  • If you want a more slimming look, then wear pants that have a higher rise. A high rise will hide any unwanted curves on the lower half of your body. 

Jeans are always great for casual days, but if you're in a dressy mood, that's okay too! Vervet's jeans also come in a myriad of colors to express yourself and make you stand out from the crowd!.

No more boring looks because of size unavailability. Check out the A-List Vervet Denim size chart to find your perfect fit! Our styling specialists are standing by. Don't hesitate to pop into our store, message us or shop online! A-List is a leading supplier of Vervet Denim jeans. We're here to help you look amazing.


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