Our Love for Liverpool

If you've browsed our website or stepped foot in our brick and mortar, then it's no secret to you that we are pretty big fans of the Liverpool brand around here. And for good reason! Our love for Liverpool starts from the quality of fabrics, the craftsmanship of the pieces, to the on-point trends, and right down to the very dainty details and subtle touches -these are just a few selling points to the Liverpool line. But our love for Liverpool doesn't end there.

Even more importantly than the fabulous fashions they serve us, they are passionate about being good global citizens. They believe in giving back, making a positive impact on the environment, and leaving a legacy for others to model and for them to stand proudly behind.

When the pandemic entered our lives in March of 2020, Liverpool started an initiative to benefit and show support to frontline workers.

Our healthcare and law enforcement workers across the country have been brave, selfless and compassionate. They have been on the frontline, protecting, caring and attending to the most vulnerable. We have seen so many acts of kindness, acknowledging these heroes. We know they are working long hours. Sacrificing so that others have a chance.
We want to do our part in thanking our healthcare workers & law enforcement officers. To express our sincerest gratitude to these brave heroes, we want to offer a gift of appreciation.
For each entry we receive from a healthcare worker or law enforcement officer, we will send you a Liverpool garment as our thanks. 
If you are a healthcare provider or in law enforcement, please fill out the form below and we will pick a style in your size and ship it free of charge from Liverpool. While supplies last.

And in early 2021, Liverpool created a new collection to benefit women affected by homelessness. 

Los Angeles-based Liverpool is giving back to its hometown in a new collection dedicated to spreading optimism. The denim brand recently partnered with WRDSMTH, the L.A. street artist known for vintage typewriter designs and inspirational text, to launch Hope Chest, a limited-edition collection of apparel and gift items with hopeful messages.
With the collection, Liverpool aims to inspire hope with more than just its positive regards: 15 percent of proceeds from the collection go toward the Downtown Women’s Center, an L.A.-based organization that supports women affected by homelessness.

Evolving and preserving, Liverpool signed the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and joined the Paris Agreement and other Eco-minded fashion companies around the world in reducing carbon emissions, the cause of global warming.

Sustainability isn’t news, but it is right and it’s important. We have a responsibility to create a new initiative for future generations, as we look at and shift the impact our industry has on our planet’s natural resources. Change doesn’t come overnight. We could wait and plan for a revolution, but in the meantime we’ll start with an evolution.
"I think it is important not only as a clothing designer but as a global citizen, that we pay attention to the impact we make on the world. Our eco collection continues our efforts in producing low impact denim styles that have the perfect Liverpool “look” while causing very little effect on the planet. It’s your chance to ‘wear the world better’.
-Jill Perilman, Design Director.

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