Grunge but Make it Sexy

Grunge and sexy aren't two words that you would typically put together in a sentence, but here me out! I'm sure when the word grunge comes to mind, you immediately flash back and take a trip down memory lane to the early to mid-90's when combat boots, old and torn flannels, and ripped-to-shreds baggy jeans could be spotted amongst angsty teenagers with every turn of the head. Oh how so badly I wanted to be dark and depressed so I could be part of the cool kids haha. But my country music lovin' heart and affinity for rap and hip hop just didn't resonate with the sound of grunge.
sexy grunge leather skirt

Fast forward to 2021 and assessing my closet as I write this post, I couldn't help but laugh a bit and smile because there are plenty of grunge-inspired pieces sprinkled throughout my wardrobe and when I wear them, not once do I think, "ok yes, today I'm going grunge"! Maybe it's because a few years aka 20+ have passed and with age comes the fashion freedom to wear whatever the heck you want, regardless of your musical preferences.

sexy grunge sweatshirt hat

Another bonus of growing young is the confidence and comfort you have in your own skin. Do I have a 5'10" super model frame? Heck no! But what I do have is acceptance and love for my body and by gosh, I want to show it off. I don't mean in a scandalous way. But rather, I like to add a little spice or feminine sex appeal to my outfits. Now enter the sexy into the grunge sentence!

The grunge aesthetic definitely lends itself to more masculine, even androgynous, pieces with it's oversized silhouettes. Which is why I love the idea of grunge but with a side of sexy. If it's still warm and not freezing yet (yes, I'm looking at you my Southern babe), I recommend pairing your most worn and loved flannel with a simple bodycon dress. Top this look off with high top sneakers for an effortlessly cool mix of grunge and sexy. And if those temps are dropping at night like they are here in Nebraska, take that flannel and put it over a bodysuit, a little denim mini skirt, and a pair of ankle sock booties! But if you're reading this and thinking girlfriend, it's practically winter here, then swap the skirt out for a classic pair of Levi's instead.

grunge sexy flannel shirt hat

Another grunge staple that is on constant rotation would be my trusty, beautifully broken-in, gets-better-with-every-wear, boyfriend jeans. Man, I love these things! Honestly, is there anything better than a pair of denim that hugs in the right places while still giving you all the breathing and leg room? I think not. It's no secret that I'm a huge proponent of bodysuits, and there's no better duo than big baggy jeans and a perfectly figure flattering bodysuit. Easy, simple, understated sexy = the ultimate trio. To top off this look, opt for a fitted or cropped moto jacket to bring a sleek and edgy element. 

Fall is the perfect time to try out the sexy grunge trend because what goes better with full moons and harvest night than a cozy flannel and great fitting jeans?! 

Happy Fall, sweet sisters!


  • carlos james

    Athleisure is all about effortless style and functionality. Elevate your everyday look with comfortable yet stylish athleisure pieces. Capableapparel

  • carlos james

    Athleisure is all about effortless style and functionality. Elevate your everyday look with comfortable yet stylish athleisure pieces.Capableapparel

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