Four Necklace Styles to Gift Your Bridesmaids as a Token of Love

Bride giving a gift to her bridesmaid on her big day is a common custom of every wedding as these bridesmaids play an integral part in making all the arrangements of your wedding festivities.

Every bride wants to give her pals the best of the gifts as a token of gratitude, and nothing can be a better gift for a woman than a stunning piece of jewelry, especially the ones that are custom-made.

Jewelry is a great way to define your personality and individuality. People wear unique designs that reflect their personalities. Here we have rounded up some gorgeous customizable necklaces from Melania Clara jewelry designers that you can gift to your bridesmaids.

From bracelets to necklaces, this European heritage-inspired designer has a variety of timeless and classy jewelry ideas that you would love to add to your collection and would be the ideal choice to appreciate your bridesmaids.

These unique pieces can be used as everyday accessories and are also best to accessorize your entire crew by giving them matching jewelry for their wedding outfits. 

1.    AIMEE would be a perfect necklace for the bridesmaids:

No look is complete without a necklace; it adds glamor to your appearance. So picking up the right necklace style is very important as it would just make or break your overall attire.

AIMEE is an elegant short necklace with crystal containers that subtly sparkles. It is 18k gold plated and would be great to add class to your look. It’s pretty economical if you are planning to give this piece to your entire crew. 

2.    Bee Happy can be another great pick to gift:

Just like its name, Bee Happy necklace with honeycomb pave crystal pendant is magical since great jewelry brings a smile to your face. This chic piece will bring joy to your crew, and they will want to look at the mirror again and again.

3.    All Saints Day is probably the best for your Big Day:

This large pave crystal sugar skull pendant has all the elements to light up your big day, especially your bridesmaids' faces. Just like its name, this chic piece can also be a good luck charm that can be given to your crew as a token of appreciation.

All Saints Day from the fortune collection is the most expensive necklace on the list, but surely for all the right reasons, so include this as a lucky gift for your loved ones.

4.    Nina - the bestseller:

This one in the list is definitely the show-stopper and my personal favorite. The beautiful gold plated long necklace with French reproduction medal connectors is the most trendy design. This can be worn short with aura, or you can style it double or long. You can’t afford to miss this masterpiece if you realize the amount of spice this stunning piece would add to the bridesmaids’ silhouette. It’s certainly a must-have for all your special friends and family.  

All of these necklaces are 18k triple gold plated, which makes them unique and classy. These fashion jewelry ideas can be worn by your crew on your special occasion and even beyond.

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