Four Kedzie Bag Styles That No One Should Miss

Bags are definitely an essential accessory a woman carries, and shopping for bags is certainly her most expensive hobby. From baguette, tote, cross body bags to duffle, there are many styles, shapes, and shades of bags that trend every season.

Bags are the most important thing you need, be it for work, the weekend, or for other special occasions, as they don’t only make you look effortlessly stylish but also play a key role in keeping your things in one place when outside.  

Investing in good-quality bags ensures their longevity and durability and boosts your self-esteem. To help find the super trendy bags here, we have listed Kedzie’s four most running bags that you should not miss to own.

1.    Kedzie Mauve Modernist Crossbody

Kedzie Mauve Modernist bag is a compact bag that is best for carrying your basic belongings like wallet, glasses, keys, and credit cards. This ultra-stylish bag is also a crossbody style that you can easily carry over the shoulder.

The best part about this bag is that it’s made up of vegan leather, making it less toxic, more durable, and water-resistant. Vegan leather bags are also super trendy and economical, so this one on the list needs to be in your shopping cart.

2.    Kedzie Crosstown Crossbody Zipper Bag:

This style is Kedzie’s signature crossbody bag and its bestseller. This crossbody bag is ideal for keeping your personal belongings in one place while traveling, parties, casual day-out, and work affairs. This elegant piece is available in five bold colors and four unique tie-dye prints, all of them are super cool and stylish. The Kedzie aura collection would certainly be a great addition to your bag collection.

3.    Kedzie Purple Pink Roundtrip Convertible Sling & Crossbody:

Crossbody bags are incredibly chic, but these shoulder bags are super easy to carry as they keep your hand free to hold your coffee or other stuff. This Kedzie convertible sling and crossbody is a sleek and iconic design just like any other designer bag, which comes in matching interchangeable straps that can be mixed and matched according to your style and silhouette.

4.    Kedzie Black Foldable Duffle Bag:

They say always pack less while traveling as it keeps you less occupied and carefree. This phenomenon is right, but when you are coming back home you always need that extra baggage in which you can pack your souvenirs, some extra shopping, and gifts.

To keep you sorted in such a situation, here is a classic solution for your problem: the Kedzie foldable duffle. This bag takes no room in your luggage or even can be tossed down in your backpack while traveling but can be a real savior on a trip back home. So, now you should worry about the things your heart desires, as you can keep that all in this stylish Kedzie bag.


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