Can You Wear Cropped Pants if You're Short?

With an industry worth $3 trillion worldwide, there's no way to overstate the importance of fashion. Styles and trends matter in all aspects of a woman's life whether it's by boosting her confidence or letting her have fun trying on new outfits.

If you want to experiment with cropped pants but know that you're short, you may feel that this is a trend that you can't get in on. But this is a myth--you can rock any outfit that you want, girlfriend! Read on for some tips on styling cropped pants for shorter gals!

Leg Length and Cropped Pants

The primary reason that short women are told not to wear cropped pants is that it'll make their legs look shorter. Luckily, this isn't true as long as you select the right shoes to pair with your favorite khakis or cutoffs.

You absolutely shouldn't wear tall boots or high-tops--that much is true. You'll look like you have very small legs because of the lack of space between the pants and your shoes.

blonde woman wearing a neon pink tank and white cropped pants from A-List Boutique

However, you can totally rock cropped pants with flip flops, short sneakers, or ankle boots. Flats are also a great choice, but make sure that they're not too professional. You don't want to look mismatched, after all!

Keep in mind that you also need to select bottoms that fit your form correctly. You don't want something so tight that it pinches the spot on your legs where it cuts off. This will make you look awkward in a way that your beautiful natural form isn't.

Styles to Experiment With

Once you decide that you want to wear cropped pants, it's time to learn about the styles that other women love. Head over to Pinterest, take a look at how some women are styling their cutoffs and try to put your own spin on the outfits that you find.

Many short women like to wear solid-color cropped pants because they don't overwhelm a short body. Solid pants look awesome while drawing attention to the rest of your outfit. Patterns can get too busy and make you look smaller.

woman wearing a flowy orange shirt with ripped cropped jeans

Speaking on colors, dressing in a single hue is really chic right now. Wearing the same color top as your cutoffs is an awesome way to give yourself a cohesive vibe. It also makes you look taller since people can't easily see where your waist is.

You also will need to select pants that have a flatter front. Some styles add pockets and bulk around the hips of the pants.

If you choose something with a bulky, larger waist, you're going to make yourself look stouter and accentuate the shortness of your legs. You want to showcase yourself vertically rather than horizontally.

Completing the Look

While you may have been told that cropped pants are only for tall people, that's not true. You can rock this gorgeous fashion trend no matter your height or body type. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise!

Now that you know some of the fabulous ways that petite girls can rock cropped pants, it's time to enhance your daily look. Shop our new arrivals to get the latest boutique items for your improved wardrobe.

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