Boyfriend Jeans vs Mom Jeans

What’s the difference between boyfriend jeans and mom Jeans? And which is better? Both are great questions and shopping for the perfect denim can be tough.

 A-List boutique has all your denim answers so keep reading, ladies. Whether you’re throwing together a blazer and heels, or opting for a graphic tee and trainers, A-List Boutique has everything you need. 

Boyfriend and mom jeans may have started off as trends set by red carpet A-Listers but they’re here to stay. Women prefer the relaxed cuts and versatility to a less comfortable skinny jean.

The Difference 

So, what’s the difference you ask? Our A-List team will break it down for you!

Boyfriend Jeans are a nod to the classic jeans worn by your favorite heartthrobs in the 1960’s. You might recall Marilyn Monroe gracing the big-screen wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans in the 1961 movie, the Misfits. In recent years, Hollywood’s A-List have made the boyfriend jeans more than just a trend. 

Women love the relaxed and comfortable fit. You can’t go wrong with the slouchy style of boyfriend jeans. If you’re a skinny jeans girl, boyfriend jeans might take a little getting used to. Our A-List models say the boyfriend cut should sit mid-low on the waist and look a little oversized. 

If you’re looking to create an effortless off-duty look then boyfriend jeans might be the perfect fit for you. Our stylists, however, say that styling can be a little tricky and it’s important to create balance. Amanda Hadenfeldt, owner of A-List Boutique, encourages her VIP shoppers to balance the laid-back boyfriend jeans with a seasonal blazer, a tight-fitting top, and a pair of your favorite heels or flats for the perfect look! 

Mom Jeans set the world ablaze in the 1980s and 90s. Decades later, it may be hard for you to believe these jeans are back. Trust us, they’re a whole lot cooler than you might remember from your high school days. This retro style mom jean is gaining in popularity and now a staple of any denim collection. 

Relaxed like the boyfriend jean but the mom jean sits higher on the waist. Skinny jean loyalists will have to get use to mom jeans fitting looser around the thighs. But there is a taper to the leg and they don’t tend to look baggy overall. Mom jeans have a relaxed, structured, and tapered comfort. The hem is often rolled up just above the ankles and are often easier to style boyfriend jeans. Our VIP stylists at A-List Boutique recommend tucking in your tee-shirt or blouse with these higher waisted jeans. And don’t forget the belt ladies which will give you more of the hourglass silhouette that everyone is looking for. And if you’re looking to add a little edge to your mom look, add a pair of chunky trainers or a classic pair of ankle boots!

Which Is Better For You? 

So, which is better? Boyfriend jeans or mom jeans? Like any style of clothing, it really comes down to your personal preference to which jean style is most flattering for your shape and which makes you feel amazing. If you can nail the style for boyfriend jeans, you can really pull off a fashion forward look.

Boyfriend jeans require more thought and attention if you want to nail the look. However, if you find the right balance with a fitted top or shirt and offset with pretty footwear and accessories, the finished look can be fashion-forward.

Mom jeans are generally more versatile and suit a wider range of sizes and shapes, including petites. This high-waisted jean style really delivers a flattering retro look that you’ll appreciate.

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