When Is It Ok to Wear Socks With Sandals?

When Is It Ok to Wear Socks With Sandals?

Are you wondering when (if ever) it's okay to wear socks and sandals? For decades, socks and sandals have been a significant fashion faux pas.

Bashed by fashion police the world over, socks and sandals are a widely accepted fashion-don't.

Until recently, however.

Come 2021, and socks with sandals are now "a look." Should you dare to break all good fashion sense and rock this trend? Keep reading to find out.

When You’re Channeling Emma Chamberlain

If you're unfamiliar with the name, Emma Chamberlain is a just-turned-20 style icon. Famous for her "ugly fashion" and daring, out-there, yet cohesive looks, Emma Chamberlain manages to achieve what many of us dream of. Effortless style, with an edgy twist.

If you style it right, socks and sandals are the epitome of this laid-back but bold look.

What's more, Emma Chamberlain isn't the only one giving the celebrity stamp of approval to socks with sandals. Kendall Jenner and Sarah Parker are just two of the other legends who have been enjoying this trend.

When You Want to Add of Pop of the Unexpected

Do you want to break out of the box and do something different? Socks and sandals are an easy way to do this.

Provided you style them right, socks and sandals can quickly take a vanilla outfit to something with a little added attitude.

Socks With Sandals Is Ideal in Fall

Socks and sandals are mostly thought of as a summer fashion trend, but this combo is actually very well suited to fall.

Hey girl, if you still want to wear your favorite pair of Birkenstocks or other sandal shoes styles, but there's a nip in the air, adding a pair of socks could be the on-trend answer.

When You Want to Highlight Your Sandals

Do you have a pair of sandals that you adore and want to draw attention to? Socks add extra detail to footwear and can draw the eye.

For instance, let's say you recently bought a pair of our Ruby Red Sandals, and you want to make them pop even more. Paired with a colored sock, or even neutral sock styles, these sandals will draw even more attention than styled on their own.

When You’re Wearing a Cropped Pant

Socks and sandals typically look best with cropped pants. Ankle pants or overly long pants tend to make this "ugly fashion" trend look unintentional and sloppy.

A cropped pant, on the other hand, allows you to show off your "socks with sandals" look and give it that styled feel.

With Bright Sock Styles

If you love a bright sock, pairing one of your favorite sock styles with the right sandals can make a bold statement.

If you're still scarred by your parents wearing socks and sandals on vacation, going the bold sock route will place you in new territory entirely.

Yes, Socks With Sandals Are on Trend

It's official. Socks with sandals are a thing.

Although we wouldn't call this trend timeless by any means, if you feel drawn to it, we encourage you to try it out. After all, fashion and style is all about expressing yourself, breaking some boundaries here and there, and having fun.

As a final takeaway, just make sure you keep things clean, hole-free, occasion appropriate, and intentionally styled.

Are you feeling conflicted over your personal style? Not sure if you're a rhinestone glamor queen or a graphic-tee laid-back babe?

Well, you're in luck, because we're offering style consultations, both virtually and in person. Schedule your personal style consultation today and let us help you uncover your unique style.

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