Is Animal Print a Neutral?

If you feel confident when you look amazing, you're far from alone. Studies show that women who look more confident have a higher sense of self-assuredness. Because a confidence boost can benefit you both personally and professionally, it's important that you make sure that you look fabulous on all occasions.

Animal print is a great way to make this happen because it's a neutral. You can wear it anywhere and pair it with anything.  Kati was right!  Read on to learn why this is the case and how you can style animal print apparel with all wardrobe colors.

What Makes Animal Print a Neutral?

A 'neutral' is any color or pattern that you can pair with anything. Most neutrals are solid hues like white, navy, brown, and gray. However, animal patterns like leopard print and tiger stripes are also considered to be neutral by most fashionistas because they don't clash with anything.

This is probably because of their natural aesthetic. However, it might also be the fact that they come in muted colors like black, brown, and gray anyway. If you were to get a synthetic bright blue and pink leopard-print bag, some people wouldn't consider it neutral because it's neither natural nor muted.

Why Use These Patterns in Fashion?

Neutral print (and therefore animal print) is awesome because it can be worn on pretty much any occasion. A leopard-spotted blouse is ideal for casual, fun-loving situations. But since 'animal print' is such a diverse category, you can find something like a snakeskin handbag or tiger-print heels for the workplace as well.

Another great thing about all animal aesthetics is that they're eternally a classic. Experts note that animal print is forever chic, and most women agree with their sentiment. If you buy a gorgeous cheetah-print dress now, you still can wear it in 3 years assuming that you take care of it. Pieces that will stand the test of time make great fashion sense!

A Quick Guide to Styling Animal Print

blonde woman wearing an animal print blouse with white jeans

The most important thing to remember when styling animal print is that you should never mix patterns. If you have a cheetah-print suit jacket that you love, you can't wear it with a tortoiseshell purse. It'll clash and detract from the classiness of both items.

In social settings, you might want to make these patterns the main part of your outfit. Shirts, denim jackets, dresses, pants, and even rompers come in a ton of cool animal styles that you're sure to love. Pair these outfits with any handbag and shoes you like- it'll look great as long as it isn't another animal print that doesn't match.

In professional situations, you can easily rock animal print by inverting this outfit. A black skirt and blazer can be amped up when you pair them with your favorite tiger-striped pashmina scarf. This is a great way to inject personality into otherwise drab outfits and give them that perfect finishing touch!

Upgrade Your Wardrobe Today

While animal print clothes and accessories have a lot of flair, you can pair them with literally anything else in your wardrobe. This makes them ideal for all occasions and style choices. Plus, since these prints are a trend that never goes out of style, you'll be able to love your apparel for many years to come.

Now that you know why animal print is an amazing neutral that looks great with all outfits, it's time to roar. Check out our online shop to buy high-quality clothes today!

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