Can You Wear White After Labor Day?

mid-section shot of blonde woman wearing a white cardigan over a t-shirt and a jean skirt, holding a white diamond textured clutch

What if a simple trip to the closet resulted in a major clothing mishap?

This is what happens when you wear white after Labor Day. Most people don't know the full rules surrounding this major fashion rule and end up embarrassing themselves with the wrong outfit.

But that doesn't have to happen to you! Keep reading to learn about the rules of when you can (and cannot) wear white after Labor Day.

Why Are You Not Supposed To Wear White After Labor Day?

The "rule" about not wearing white after Labor Day has been around for longer than you've been alive. But where does this idea actually come from?

Starting in the early 20th century, stylists and fashionistas avoided white after Labor Day for very practical reasons. White reflected heat and was good for the summer, but colder months meant wearing darker colors to better hold onto the heat. Additionally, autumn often brought more rain that could make a nice white dress very wet and muddy.

For some back in the day, white was also a kind of signifier that they were going on a summer vacation. But there has never been a true rule stopping you from wearing white after Labor Day. But there are still unspoken rules of fashion regarding this.

Dressing For the Occasion

Again, there is no real rule or restriction on wearing white after Labor Day. Jody gives you permission! But if you are going to be rocking that color in the cooler months, you may need to make some modifications.

For example, don't be afraid to mix and match white with different colors. This can help you create a more layered look for the fall and winter. Additionally, wearing darker shoes instead of white is a good way to keep your footwear from getting dirty.

You'll also need to substitute the materials. Linen is a perfect summer material but doesn't hold up well to the cold of fall and winter. But swapping out that linen for white sweaters and jackets lets you keep that fresh summer look while staying nice and warm.

blonde woman in large black sunglasses posing in a white cardigan over a white t-shirt and jean skirt holding a faux-leather clutch purse

Don't Forget the Accessories

So far, we have focused primarily on the clothing itself. But if you're going to rock white after Labor Day, take it from us: you can't ignore the accessories!

For example, a white, faux-leather purse can add a great pop of bright color to a moody winter outfit. And a nice, white tote is perfect for carting around everything from your fall semester textbooks to food from the local farmer's market.

You can also get creative with color. We love totes in an off-white chalky color that creates a more textured look!

blonde woman wearing a tan tank with white pants and a faux-leather clutch

Finally, don't ignore how a white blazer can really pull your look together. It's professional enough for your favorite professor but still casual enough for that monthly brunch with your best friends. You know how we love blazers at A-List!

Your Next Move

Now you know all about wearing white after Labor Day. But do you know who can help you pull off the perfect fit?

At A-List Boutique, we love bringing the coolest looks and hottest fashions right to your door. To discover your future fashion finds, come check out our new arrivals today!

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